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Movement and Beauty Ideals


Our bodies need movement. The fitness center trend is an expression of this universal need.  Movement gives us strength. Therefore, more and more people are becoming interested in yoga, Tai-Chi, and Chi-Gong.

Special computer games even support our urge for fitness. The development of sports shows how young the “history of fitness” actually is. In the Kräftereich, you are also shown the historical development of physical strength and why we adore top athletes as stars or heroes.

Beauty Ideals

We do not do sports only for our health. We want to be beautiful. Beauty ideals, however, are subject to changing time.

In the Victorian era, suntanned skin was undesirable. Today nobody would describe the body of Venus of Willendorf as “beautiful curves in movement”. 

Go on a journey of beauty through time in the Kräftereich and learn why Peter Paul Rubens probably would not even have set up his easel for top model Heidi Klum.