• Was ist Kräftereich

The Perception

Ambiance / Feng Shui

Little changes in your home often have a great effect. Feng Shui reportedly helps us to get rid of energy blockages.  The Chi, the positive life energy should be able to flow freely.

See your home as a living being which, hopefully, also fits to you.  Buildings and houses make it possible to draw conclusions about the architects or inhabitants.  You can find extensive information on this in our “Architecture, Feng Shui, and Decoration” area.

Optical Illusions

Our perception leads us astray again and again. Nowadays there are even TV shows which examine unbelievable video clips.

It is not always easy to unravel optical illusions.  As early as the 7th century B.C., the first reference to the phenomenon of the moon illusion can be found on clay tablets from the libraries of Nineveh and Babylon.

In the Kräftereich you can experience for yourself how deceptive our perception can be. We are prone to be deceived repeatedly, from reversible drawings to the moon illusion.

Color Perception / Effects

Black is the color of death. A Korean widow, however, wears white at the grave of her husband. Wear red in order to signal determination and attention in a meeting.

Color perception is not always the same. Color effects, although, have already been scientifically researched. The color yellow, for instance, is well-suited for the working area.  Absorb the various effects of colors in the Kräftereich, and experience the correlations and connotations in your own colored arc.


The teachings of Chakras say that after a life crisis, especially the root Chakra needs strengthening. It stands for basic trust, security, and the will to live. It is situated in the pelvic floor and has great influence on digestion.

A Chakra is called a main energy center in a person.  Therefore, the seven human Chakras are also situated in the center of the Kräftereich.

Go and stand in a unique Chakra tower, which will not only fascinate you but also depict and describe the Chakras in their mapping.