• Was ist Kräftereich

The Power of the Earth and Stars

Geomancy / Radiesthesia

According to experts, energy lines go through the Earth like nerve tracts.  The Celts already used geomancy.  They erected ritual places like Stonehenge on a geographically straight line.  Also churches such as Notre Dame are situated on energy points. 

According to the teachings of radiesthesia, water and ore veins produce earth rays.  Sensitive humans and animals feel the presence of such rays, also without a dowsing rod. 

In the Kräftereich, you enter three-dimensional water veins, energy lines, and grid systems, and see phenomena which are usually not visible.

Astrology / Astronomy

Everybody knows that the lunar cycle influences the rising and falling tides.  But should a phase of the moon really determine when you schedule your hairdresser’s appointment?  The power of the stars was known to long forgotten cultures.  However, the influence of the cosmos on our life is still a controversial topic today.  It is sure that the origins of astrology and astronomy are the same. 

Admire the star constellation of your astrological birth sign in the night sky of the Kräftereich.

Energy Points

Energy points can apparently be influenced by human actions. For example, tensions after a fight can be sensed as thick air in a room. When reading a book, you will choose your personal private corner.

In all of Austria you can find many places with special meaning, for instance, the Teufelstein (Devil’s Rock) in the Fischbacher Alps where the Devil wanted to build a tower to the sky.

You can experience this tower three-dimensionally in the Kräftereich – as a regional example of legendary power.