• Kräutergarten beim Kräftereich (Foto: Busreicen Steiermark/Rauch)

The Grounds

Focus on nature

The outside of the Kräftereich also deals with the topic of power. Two footprints show the tracks of humans in nature.

Here you can smell healing herbs, feel the effect of colors through selected flowers, and walk a zigzag path through fruit trees, or simply enjoy the “Naschgarten.” Experience beauty, inspiration, and the power of nature.

Spending some time outside in the green is an appropriate conclusion to your visit and at the same time, an invitation to get to know the region better.

The Klimt Garden has existed since 2012 and was designed on the occasion of the Klimt year.  A loop path elaborately shows Gustav Klimt’s life in different stations in the form of flowers.

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