Kräftereich Sankt Jakob im Walde

Weatherproof & interactive excursion destination in eastern Styria

Powers - which ones surround us, and affect us, and how we can use them. This is what Kräftereich St. Jacob im Walde is all about.

Everything is offered in spectacular themed rooms comprised of 1600 square meters - from Earth rays to water veins, the power of colors on us humans, from the moon to water, and the influence of feelings on our daily lives. Apart from numerous partially unexplained phenomena, the possible effects of powers are also critically dealt with.

The diversified exhibition is the heart of the power-emitting villages of the Joglland in East Styria.  Eighteen East Styrian villages offer visitors the chance to draw strength.  St. Jakob im Walde has become a unique attraction for the whole family due to the Kräftereich!
And also groups – from clubs to senior’s groups – find what they are looking for in this destination in the heart of Peter Rosegger’s Waldheimat.  Just have a look at our special offers for groups.